Cities & Companies

Who needs the HUB? Currently cities and businesses (most notably electric utilities and telecom companies) are the stakeholders driving a connected future—whether it’s LED street lights, 5G cellular networks, driverless vehicle communications, smart traffic and parking management, customer engagement technologies, or public safety.

Light poles are becoming the new “hot real estate” for connecting technology-based services.

The HUB turns existing light poles into future-focused smart platforms that can help cities and companies respond effectively to changing technologies, financial constraints, and public needs.


Smart Cities

By 2050, an estimated 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas—an increase of 3 billion urban dwellers in just 30 years! Smart technologies will play a critical role in driving new efficiencies to manage growth.

But smart initiatives don’t come without challenges. Tight municipal budgets and long approval processes can become significant barriers to implementation. With the HUB mounting bracket, existing light poles can be repurposed to smart poles at a fraction of the cost and installation time of new smart poles.



Electric utility companies currently own approximately 50% of the estimated 26 million street light poles in the United States—providing “lighting as a service” to many American towns and cities.

As rapidly growing cities look to light poles as the platform for new smart technologies, utility companies have an unprecedented opportunity to develop new “technology-as-a service” offerings to meet their needs.

Through the conversion of existing poles to smart poles, the HUB offers a fast, cost effective way to make this technology transformation possible.



As the unprecedented migration to urban areas builds momentum, faster, more reliable cellular services will become a crucial foundation for all things IoT.

The rollout of high speed 5G cellular equipment will be one of the keys to making cellular networks (and therefore cities) viable in the future. However, the short-range capability of 5G means that a huge number of additional cellular radio transmitters will be needed. Light poles are the only practical installation platform.

The HUB offers a fast, cost-effective way to make the 5G transformation possible through the conversion of existing poles into smart poles.



Along with utilities, and telecoms, companies in general are on a path to capture new business through the implementation of smart services. Smart technologies such as wireless advertising, smart security, and store-to-car package delivery can boost differentiation and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

The HUB offers a fast, cost effective way to make this technology transformation possible through the conversion of existing parking lot poles into smart poles.

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